T4T Golf Tournament Scoring

Tournament Rules


Four-Player Teams, Modified Captain’s Choice, Field Flighting and Team Mulligans

Muligan Packages

Team Mulligan Package: $150

Includes (4) Mulligans, (8) Raffle Tickets, (2) Drives from a Red Tee & Yellow Ball

Individual Mulligan Package: $50

Includes (1) Mulligans, (3) Raffle Tickets & (1) Drive from a Red Tee

Yellow Ball: $25

Yellow Ball Contest

Every Team Playing the Ball on Each of the 18 Holes Without Losing It Wins!
Each team may purchase a T4T Yellow Golf Ball (sold individually or as part of a team mulligan package) and rotate use of the ball between each player on your team. For example, Player A plays the Yellow Ball on the first hole, Player B on the second, etc. – once the order of use is established, it must be followed for the rest of the round. If your team is still in possession of the Yellow Ball after 18 holes, your team will be put in a winners’ raffle drawing to allocate the four-person gift packages described below among the Yellow Ball surviving teams! Every team that returns a Yellow Ball wins!

*Only (1) Yellow Ball per Team